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Phase II - Public Engagement - Amenities

We are in Phase II Public Engagement and it’s nice to be engaged with our community!

The Sultan Parks and Downtown Amenities Tabling Exercise sparked over 200 conversations this past week. From City Hall to the Red Apple grocery store, to our Farmers Market, Health Fair, Education Jamboree and into our new subdivisions, we were asking community members for their ideas!

This weeks’ challenge was how will planning improve community wellbeing and health going forward, from the responses we have reviewed. Some ideas included: how about a grid, complete streets, parks, trails, community events, improved lighting, and improved intersection solutions. These would all help build community and encourage healthy walking/movement across the city.

Complete Streets is one good way to achieve this. A complete street allows everyone to move freely within the street with dedicated bike paths, active sidewalks, safe crosswalks, travel lanes for cars and where a bus is available transit lanes. A complete street is also compliant for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), allowing for that portion of the population who will not be driving to move safely around the community.

Planning requires cooperation between all agencies such as the community, the city, engineering, fire districts, and developers. They all can see a better visions through informed design concepts that are adopted as the community standard.


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