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Insights from the Community Survey

Sultan is a city filled with charm and a close-knit community. Recently, we conducted a community survey to better understand the aspirations and preferences of its residents and visitors. With 67 participants sharing their thoughts and aspirations for Sultan's future, the results revealed valuable insights into what makes Sultan special and the areas where improvements are needed. The highlights below show what residents love most about Sultan and the areas they seek to improve.

Survey Respondent Profile: Sixty-seven people have completed the survey to date: The majority of the participants proudly call Sultan home with about a quarter indicated they are new residents.

Priorities for Sultan's Growth: The Sultan's comprehensive priorities are clearly evident from the average ranks assigned to each topic. Economic development and job opportunities took the lead with an average rank of 3.57, closely followed by mobility choices, safety, and the need to enhance parks and recreation. The community also emphasized the significance of addressing housing affordability and building climate resilience.

When asked to share their adoration for Sultan, the survey revealed compelling and appealing responses:

Access to Parks: The hearts of 40 people of the residents brimmed with love for the city's parks, offering serene spaces for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Sense of Community: A close second, with 35 people expressing deep affection for the Sultan's strong sense of community, where neighbors become family. While parks and community captured the most affection, Sultan's residents also acknowledged the significance of transportation and social support, with 4 people expressing love for transportation and walkability, and 2 people cherishing the city's robust social support system.

Navigating Sultan - A Pathway of Choices: When it comes to traversing Sultan's street, the survey portrayed a variety of transportation preferences:

Driving Alone: A significant 57 of residents preferred the comfort of driving alone, embracing the freedom it offers.

Biking: 3 respondents opted for biking, embracing eco-friendly transport options.

Public Transit: Surprisingly, none of the respondents currently utilize public transit, indicating potential areas for improvement.

Embracing Change - Sultan's Vision for Transportation: Looking to the future, Sultan residents envisioned a community that embraces change and sustainable practices:

Driving Alone: Still a popular choice, with 38 people leaning towards this option, but with a slight decrease from the current usage. Also, some residents showed an interest in walking and biking in the future.

Public Transit: A growing interest, with 8 people expressing a desire for more accessible and reliable public transit.

What are your favorite destinations?

The clustered words above are the responses based on the question regarding people’s favorite destinations in Sultan.

The Quest for New Destinations: A vital aspect of the survey revolved around Sultan's future destinations, sparking a flurry of desires and dreams:

Restaurants and Cafes: A substantial number (46) people envisioned a culinary haven with more restaurants and cafes to tantalize their taste buds.

Retail Shops: A desire echoed by 38 people, yearning for diverse retail options catering to varied needs.

Gathering Places: 33 sought spaces that foster community interactions, enriching Sultan's social fabric.

Recreation Areas: 27 aspired for more recreational spots to nurture the city's vibrant spirit.

Destinations for Kids: 19 emphasized the need for child-friendly locales, nurturing family experiences.

Diverse Desires: 9 presented unique aspirations for the Sultan's future.

Social Services: 8 valued social service facilities to support the community's well-being.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a response so far. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, we want to hear from you too! Please spend 5 minutes sharing your thoughts about the future of Sultan by following this [link].

Listening to Sultan's Voice:

Beyond the survey, Sultan's community outreach events showcased an array of ideas and visions for the city's development:

Housing/Land: Balancing growth and preservation, residents expressed concerns about increased density in certain areas and the need for additional housing. They envisioned more restaurants, grocery options, and mixed-use spaces within residential neighborhoods.

Economic Development: The community highlighted a longing for more restaurants, robust grocery options, and inviting spaces for social gatherings and small businesses. Sultan, they proclaimed, should be a destination, not just a fleeting stop.

Parks & Recreation: Sultan's green spaces and recreational facilities hold immense value for its residents. They yearned for more park spaces, diverse recreational programming, and improved connectivity across the Sultan River. The aspiration for a YMCA-type facility reflected the community's focus on physical well-being.

Transportation: The community voiced a desire for a transportation network that caters to all needs. They sought expanded bike and trail networks, safer streets with complete sidewalks, and an enhanced bus network. The call for alternative east-west connections and a mindful approach to mitigating traffic impacts resonated deeply.


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