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Insights from Our Comprehensive Planning Journey

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

In the realm of Comprehensive Planning, our ongoing conversations have seamlessly extended from the previous week. A visual depiction showcases a city station strategically positioned within the vibrant backdrop of the Farmers Market – an embodiment of our comprehensive plan in action. The community interactions have highlighted tangible outcomes people want to see by 2044. Notably, Phase 1 has seen the culmination of over 300 surveys, a testament to the active participation of our community. This accomplishment gains even more significance when considering the manifold increase in the number of conversations overall.

Beyond surveys: in the coming months, our engagement efforts will include focus groups, interactive activities, visioning workshops, and a planning summit. Surveys are just the beginning – they provide a baseline, but our focus is on in-depth discussions about key topics like Housing, Transportation, Land Use, Economic Development, and Climate.

Great news for our community! The Sultan 2044 website is now live in English, Spanish, and Hindi. We've expanded to make sure everyone can enjoy our content in their preferred language.

In the past, our dedicated public engagement team was all ears to the concerns resonating within the community – a chorus that emphasized the need for investments in transportation infrastructure. Our approach, akin to a budgetary game, continues to empower community members to articulate their priorities openly. Predictably, the spotlight remains on bolstering transportation systems, fortifying community safety, and addressing the intricacies of park amenities. Amidst these themes, a consistent echo reverberates – the yearning for spaces that foster social connections. This desire, encapsulated in the concept of serene sit-down cafes or inviting "third places," fuels our mission to cultivate unity.

Our team greatly appreciates the continued, unwavering support from the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce, whose presence has illuminated the summer Farmers Markets. The Volunteers of America (VOA) deserve applause for their assistance with our daily community center lunchtime survey endeavors. The Sno-Isle Libraries' generosity in opening their spaces for survey drop-offs and project document access has also been wonderful. The Sultan Mayor's Office, through their weekly coffee sessions, reinforces their commitment to community engagement.

Our gratitude extends to the Red Apple Market for their steadfast support, fueling the outreach efforts of Phase 1. Finally, recognition is owed to the Washington State Department of Commerce grant funding team, whose concerted efforts have significantly contributed to the evolution of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulation update process.

As we progress, your insights and perspectives remain invaluable, shaping the narrative of our collective journey towards a more vibrant and cohesive community.

Stay tuned as we continue this journey, with each week bringing us closer to a more comprehensive and inclusive future.


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