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Engaging Locally at Sultan Farmers Market

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

On July 1st, the City of Sultan participated in the second farmers market for our Sultan 2044 outreach efforts. Our stall was set up alongside local vendors selling honey, flowers, soaps, and Kids were treated to the foam cannon, adding an element of fun and excitement. The focus was to engage with residents and visitors, providing them with an opportunity to weigh in on the future of the Sultan.

We learned so much from new families, young children, seasoned residents, visitors, and more. Here are three big takeaways:

  • Community Desires and Challenges in Sultan: Expanding Parks, Gathering Places, and Economic Development - Sultan residents love their community and parks, but want more, including additional park options on Sultan Basin Road. They also desire gathering places, kid-friendly destinations, and a robust grocery store. Ongoing challenges include highway congestion and limited economic development opportunities.

  • School Capital Facility Needs - As the population in Sultan continues to grow, residents have expressed their concerns regarding the capacity of existing educational facilities to accommodate the increasing number of students. There is a desire for a new elementary school, plus an increase in educational quality so that all students’ needs are adequately addressed. One resident highlighted the value of STEM classes and the opportunities these classes will provide to students.

  • Growing Demand for Sustainable housing Growth - the need for housing options continues to come up. Residents want sustainable housing growth that can accommodate the influx of new residents, while also preserving the town's unique charm. The demand for affordable and diverse housing options, such as smaller multi-family condo buildings, is on residents’ minds, with families seeking suitable homes and individuals searching for rental options. One resident expressed an idea for a tiny home village on their property.

If you didn’t make it to our booth, don’t worry! We have plenty of upcoming opportunities for you to learn and share ideas about the comprehensive plan update. Check the Events tab regularly and consider signing up for project updates on the website home page. We also encourage you to fill out our first community survey!

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of engaging with residents, long-time community members, and visitors, delving into their beloved spots in Sultan. The enthusiasm was palpable as people shared their excitement for new projects, including the proposed roundabouts on US-2, Sultan Basin Park, and flashing safety beacons on Sultan Basin Road. Moreover, we continue to gain valuable insights into challenges / opportunities faced by the community. Particularly, the desire to curb the escalating costs of water and sewer services. We appreciate everyone who took the time to stop by and share their thoughts. We look forward to more enriching interactions in the future and are excited to see everyone at Sultan Shindig on July 7th, 8th, and 9th.


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