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A Refreshed Community Vision for 2044

Over the past month, Sultan City Council and Planning Board members worked with the project team to finalize a Vision Framework for 2044. The working Vision Statement and 9 Big Ideas below work together to communicate the community's aspirations for 2044. As the project progresses into growth strategies (meetings March 7, 19, & 28), future land use mapping (meetings April 4, 16, & 25), and beyond, we'll be diligently aligning our work with the Vision Statement and Big Ideas.

Nine Big Ideas that encapsulate community desires for the future:

  1. Plan for more grocery offerings, retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and other daily needs within the city.

  2. Provide year-round destinations for kids of all ages that not only bring joy, but instill life skills and meaningful opportunities.

  3. Emphasize art, culture, history, and recreation to strengthen community identity and belonging.

  4. Plan for a safe, connected multi-modal transportation network that allows residents and visitors to reach everyday connections comfortably and efficiently.

  5. Improve the condition of US-2 to maximize reliability, safety, and visual image of Sultan.

  6. Ensure new growth provides community benefits and sufficient infrastructure.

  7. Provide more diverse housing types and ownership opportunities to support a growing and diversifying community.

  8. Expand and enhance parks, recreation, and trails as distinguished community assets.

  9. Plan for climate resilience and mitigate natural hazards like floods and wildfire.



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